Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I CAN'T SEE YOU!!! Here's a thought for all of you who hope to have pizza delivered in a timely fashion(even if you live in a palmetto bush)...TURN ON YOUR PORCH LIGHT!!! Also, after you've placed your order, is not the time to remember that you don't have house numbers, street signs, a driveway, paved roads or in one case, a front door. Before ordering, do remember that you have pit bulls,or as we used to call them, P.E.s-Penis Extenders, billy goats, attack geese or attack toddlers running around your yard and, that someone needs to be home to answer the door, that your child is not to answer the door and just stare at DPG without a word, that you actually need money to pay/tip, "Sh*t Dude, I know I had the money", will not often get you your large, hand-tossed pie and no matter how stoned/drunk you are, you can't actually change your order with DPG, when he has already rung your door bell(contrary to popular opinion, we don't make the pizzas in the back of a roach infested whitish Chevy). If you try to do so, DPG will just stare at you blankly(see the aforementioned child).


Blogger Jeanie said...

I drive a chevy! But its new and pretty... i like pizza too! mmm!

10:15 PM  

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