Saturday, January 21, 2006


It was late on Sunday afternoon and I was in a fairly expensive cloister of homes. I would guess their values to be from $500K to probably 1 million. Each of these yards was more manicured than the next. It is the type of subdivision that has a strong homeowner's association or yard Nazis, as they might be called. I happen to know that this particular association had instigated at least 2 lawsuits involving the type of trees/shrubs that individual owners had planted in their yards. Now, I had just delivered a couple of pies to a nice 40ish mom and her two picture postcard kids. They were playing a game in the front yard when I drove up, took the pizza, paid, tipped nicely and went in to chow down. I climbed back into the whitish, which was parked at the curb, directly in front of the house, as always, facing the correct direction. I briefly glanced at my next order, then watched in my driver side mirror for a slowly moving green Lexus that had approached from the rear( on the wrong side of the street) to pass by, so I could leave. I waited for a full 20 seconds as the Lexus slowly pulled abreast of my car. I assumed the driver wanted to say something to me (hopefully not PIZZAPIZZA!I turned to face him. In reality, he seemed totally unaware of my presence and had full attention focused on the house,yard and large palm tree directly across the street. He finally stopped directly next to me and reached into a container near the console of his car. He threw several handfuls of something he removed from the container in the direction of the base of the palm tree, stared some more, then drove slowly off. It appeared that whatever he threw bounced or rolled when it hit. Okay, now you have my attention. Once he was out of sight, I got out of the whitish and walked over to the tree and looked at the items. Once I was convinced they weren't poison, I picked a couple of the yellowish, round little items up and let them roll in my palm. I looked closer, then...smelled them. I looked up and around to see if I was the only witness to this event. I smelled them again and confirmed my initial thoughts...they were KIX.


Blogger Antígona said...

Hi, Pizza Guy!
What's KIX? Never heard of them here in Buenos Aires

11:01 PM  

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