Wednesday, March 21, 2007


As soon as I arrived at the pizza store, early Saturday evening, it was obvious that things were slow. Already 5 or 6 drivers were standing around, folding pizza boxes, shooting the breeze, waiting for delivery orders to pop up on the computer screen then pop out of the oven.
Jason, a 20 something college student who rarely had a nice thing to say about anyone, was finishing his thought. "I guess the way the body was found, the cops think that it might be a serial killer. Something about being tied to some hookers in Daytona."
"She was beaten to a pulp," Chris, another driver said.
"What are you guys talking about?", I inquired
"They found a dead crack whore behind that warehouse next to the tracks on Palm Street," Jason said.
"Really, wow. When? I just delivered to the lesbian couple that lives across the street, yesterday. You know the ones that always order chicken strips and say, "Please be safe out there," as you're leaving?
"Yeah, I know the lesbos you're talking about. Last time I said, "Maybe you Dudes ought to be careful in there," as I pointed to their bedroom door, smirked Jason
"Be careful Dude. The big one is way more of a man than you are", Chris chimed in.
"Yeah, yeah. The paper said the Ho had been arrested over 80 times for drug related and prostitution."

"80 ? How old was she," I asked?
"Old", another young driver threw in coldly. Then realizing who he was talking to, and our age difference, "I mean but not real old. She was 39 or something."
"I saw her picture", another driver threw in. "She wasn't bad her younger days".
"Crack and Meth did her in. That stuff is nasty", said Jason.
"You guys ought to keep that in mind", I added in my best fatherly tone.
"Just weed, Dude. That's all I do", added Chris.
"Yeah, Dude, you don't hear of a Weed Ho, do you", asked Jason?
"If there ever was one it's you Dude", said Chris
"I am a pushover if you give me one reefer", Jason said laughing
"I'll try to keep that in mind", I said dryly
"The paper said she had 2 kids", another driver added, "and she used to be a supervisor at the metal stamping plant".
"But she was a hooker. Nothing but a junkie and a hooker", added Jason
Buddy, the ancient red-neck and usually indecipherable driver, had been silently folding boxes, his head down. He had given no indication that he heard any of the prior conversation, but suddenly mumbled, "Somebody's little girl."
"What's that Buddy",, I inquired?
"She was somebody's little girl." He never looked up and just kept folding boxes.

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